Oven Cleaning Chelsea

oven cleaning chelseaYou can look for days and weeks but you will not find better oven cleaning specialists in Chelsea than us. We make this bold claim because we are fully aware that we are currently the most praised and sought after sanitation experts in the area. We got into the cleaning industry several years ago and since then we have built for ourselves a rock solid reputation of competent and hard-working technicians that always get the job done with flying colours. After all, it is not a fluke that we are regarded as an etalon for professionalism, precision and punctuality.

We specialise mainly in oven cleaning services but this does not mean that we cannot aid you with other sanitation tasks. All our services are tailored in full accordance with the highest standards of the industry because our main objective is to provide our clients with top-notch sanitation options that correspond to their personal criteria for quality. By choosing to work with us, you will be deciding to profit from the expertise of seasoned contractors that will handle the logistics and execution of your Chelsea cleaning project from start to end. Most of our clients are repeat customers and we believe that this fact speaks in volumes about our proficient and dependability.

Benefit from our experience and vast knowledge


At Oven Cleaning Chelsea, we have the necessary technical and human resources to carry out flawlessly even the most laborious and time sensitive cooker sanitation jobs. We have invested heavily into the best cleaning equipment because we want to be able to sanitise immaculately heavily stained and tarnished ovens without any additional complications and costly delays. The size and type of your cooker will not be an issue, as we can clean any type of oven. Our instruments allow us to easily remove soot and ashes build-ups and wipe clean the interior and exterior of your appliance.

By deciding to use our oven cleaning services in Chelsea, you will not only spare yourself from the hassled of sanitising your cooker but you will also be able to take a knee and watch us work our magic. Your satisfaction is our main priority and we promise you that our skilled and consummate cleaners will walk the extra mile in order to meet all your demands and match your expectations. The detergents that we use are non-toxic and non-chemical, so you can rest assured that no harmful particles would be left behind.

Wide selection of sanitation options in Chelsea


chelsea oven cleanersAside of providing Chelsea oven cleaning services, we also offer several other sanitation options, which we have listed down below:

  • Appliance cleaning – We also have the tools to sanitise perfectly other kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, microwave and more. All your amenities will be cleaned in correspondence with the local hygiene laws and regulations.
  • BBQ cleaning – Grilled food is delicious and fun but the sanitation of the BBQ is not as pleasant. Fortunately, we can lend you a hand with the maintenance of your grills as we provide high quality BBQ cleaning services in Chelsea. Once again, the type of your grill will not be a problem, as we have the necessary assets to handle the job with flying colours.
  • Kitchen deep cleaning – Studies show that the kitchen is the most used room of a household. This is why you should deep clean the area periodically in order to remove harmful elements, such as allergens, dust, dirt, germs and bacteria. If you do not have the time to execute the task, get in touch with us because we have the equipment and manpower to conduct it for you
  • Aga cleaning – The maintenance of an Aga cooker can be quite challenging, which is why we are ready to assist you and sanitise it instead of you. The cleaning solutions that we use are eco-friendly and our immense experience permits us to carry out such projects promptly and efficiently.

You can use any of our cleaning services in Chelsea, as a standalone option or decide to combine two or more into a personalised bundle and benefit from a lucrative package deals, which will allow you take care of several tasks with one single telephone call.

oven cleaning in chelseaFair and cost effective prices


We are credited for providing the most affordable oven cleaning options in Chelsea. This is due to our flexible pricing methods that allow us to form our rates in dependence of the specifications of each sanitation project. We request £14 for the cleaning of a microwave, single extractor, gas or ceramic hob (each feature is charged separately), while the cleaning of a single or double oven will cost you £45 and £63 respectively. £77 is the fee of our full single oven sanitation options and the start rate of our range oven cleaning services.

You can see in advance how much our assistance will cost you by contacting us and requesting a free and non-binding quote.